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Transform your Android phone into a business utility!

FOWiz transforms your Android phone into a powerful business utility at no extra cost. Just install FOWiz Android app on your phone and enjoy the features free! You can implement SMS and missed call based services for your business using FOWiz.

How FOWiz works?

Inbound: FOWiz, installed on your Android device, forwards all call and text messages to FOWiz Cloud, which is almost real-time. FOWiz uses event based technology, becomes active only when a call or message is received. This saves your device from consuming more battery. FOWiz dashboard provides real-time notification on all call and messages received. Also a Chrome extension is available for download for real-time notification.

Outbound:All call and text messages initiated from FOWiz Cloud are sent to your device via messages and are processed by FOWiz on a FIFO model.


How can I use FOWiz for my Business?

FOWiz for Click2Call


Try it now!

Convert your website visitors into customers with FOWiz Click2Call. Visitors interested in your product provides their contact details on FOWiz widget installed on your site. Your staff gets instant notification about the visitor, who can initiate call with a click of button. With Click2Call control panel on FOWiz Cloud, all visitor requests and queries can be easily tracked.

You can customize the Click2Call widget to match your website or create your own widgets.

For an instant demo click on the widget on the right.

FOWiz for Phone Number Verification

With the increase number of online frauds, verification of mobile number is an essential task to curb such menace, FOWiz has developed an innovative solution for all such needs. All you need is just a small piece of code to be pasted in your web page.

You can use phone verification service for new user registration, secure transactions and two-factor authentication.

FOWiz for Voting

With FOWiz you can implement SMS based voting as well as missed call based voting systems.

SMS Based: FOWiz provides a free-of-cost and innovative solution to implement voting solution for your business and non-profit organizations. Setup a voting campaign in seconds and publish it to your audience. The rest is with FOWiz, a nice chart for easier analysis and the winner details can be published at the end of the campaign.

There is no limit on the number of contestants. FOWiz supports prefix based campaigns as well.

Missed Call Based: Another innovative solution for FOWiz, this solution costs nothing to you or your campaign participants. Ask your participants to give a miss-call to your campaign phone number. Number of missed calls to your number represents number of supporters to your campaign.

FOWiz for Feedback

With FOWiz, your business can get valuable feedback from your customers instantly through missed call or text messages. More than a feedback system, you can use FOWiz platform for customer engagement and accountability.

Feedback via missed call is very cost effective solution and is widely accepted for easy participation and is free for end user.

Feedback via SMS is a quick and easy solution to get to know what your customers think about your business.

FOWiz provides a dashboard where you can analyze the feedback received and take appropriate action.

FOWiz - A complete telephony solution for small and medium business.
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  • » Coupon Delivery
  • » User Registration
  • » Call Back Service
  • » Opt-in List Building
  • » Alert Subscription
  • » Information Pulling
  • » Pledge Campaign
  • » Cash on delivery verification
  • » Customer Mobile Verification Service
  • » Webuser Registration Verification
  • » E-commerce Mobile Validation
  • » Opinion Poll Campaign
  • » Live Voting Event
  • » Live Event Feed
  • » Consumer Survey
  • » Customer Feedback Report
  • » Customer Rating Report
  • » Point of Sale Feed-Back
  • » Chat Support Rating
FOWiz Promo Video FOWiz Chrome Extension Download FOWiz Android App
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