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FOWiz is a powerful tool to convert your phone into a business utility.

Missed Call Service

With FOWiz you can implement a missed call service for your business. Let the customers give a missed call to your number, call them back or send an automated message with their account details.


With FOWiz you can setup missed call or SMS campaigns within seconds. Nice charts are provided for easier data analysis. Also you have an option to export data for your own processing.

Message Scheduler

With FOWiz you can schedule messages. You can send account details or personalized messages to your customers on a recurring basis.

Activity Logging

All call and message activities are automatically tracked. You can create your own tasks for incoming calls and messages, thus create an ongoing relationship with your customers or track incoming requests.

Application Integration

With FOWiz you can integrate your in-house applications for example CRM or ticket tracking apps. Send or receive data between FOWiz and your apps with easy to integrate HTTP interfaces. Call and message details can be instantly submitted to your apps via Instant Notification Urls(INU). Also you can retrieve custom data from your services and send it to your customers via SMS.


With FOWiz you can implement Click2Call feature at no extra cost or effort. Install Click2Call widget on your website and start receiving call requests from your website visitors.

FOWiz Promo Video FOWiz Chrome Extension Download FOWiz Android App
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